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Policed Events of Cheyenne, WY “Zombie Fest” 09/29/2012:

The day had started out as an innocent niche festival of horror fans gathered together for an all day celebration of the popular horror sub-culture, zombies. As rain cleared and night drew near, a large crowd of these fans had made their way to the main stage of the festival to watch the night’s headlining heavy metal act Arcanium. As chants grew louder and impatience became the behavior of standard, Arcanium began their set, coming out with heavy guitars, loud drums and, profanity. The start of their set caused an immediate participation of heavy metal fans partaking in an activity considered to be normal at heavy metal concerts called “moshing”. Zombie Fest event coordinators and local police were deeply concerned and confused by what they were seeing. After a few songs had gone by, local Cheyenne WY police had driven their cars through the crowd of people in an attempt to stop this “completely unacceptable and violent behavior” that heavy metal fans consider to be normal, then proceeded to get out of their cars in riot gear carrying aluminum baseball bats and shields detaining a large portion of the crowd, lining them up on the streets to await a ride to the police station. They then informed the band’s lead singer “J-Sinn” that if he were to continue to use profanity, they would stop the band’s set. J-Sinn, offended and angered by the request, held up a sign for the audience containing one of these words, provoking them to chant it with him, therefore taunting the police. The crowd along with the rest of Arcanium had yelled it out loud with him for the police to hear. The police then told Arcanium to discontinue their performance but the band continued and at this point the police began to take action, starting with the arrest of a fan who had yelled profanity with the rest of the audience. Police turned off power to the event speaker system and lights, not knowing how to cut power to Arcanium’s equipment, then Arcanium turned up their guitars and continued to play, causing the police to use physical force. Adam, a guitarist for the band, was chased around the stage while yelling profanity until detained while Seth, the band’s bass guitarist, plugged his bass guitar back in and continued to play. The band did not stop playing as a whole until they finally cut all power and physically removed the band’s drummer Charley’s drumsticks from his hands. J-Sinn was detained by police and is currently awaiting a court date set for next month. Cheyenne fans that were also detained and arrested are shocked and in disbelief at the way the situation was handled by their local police department and plan to dispute the charges presented to them. The members of Arcanium nor do the Cheyenne WY police have any comments at this time.


Arcanium to Headline 2012 Cheyenne Zombie Fest


Arcanium is home from touring with Otep, Butcher Babies, and One-Eyed Doll, and has agreed to headline the 2012 Cheyenne Zombie Fest on 09/29/2012. Details can be found here: 2012 Cheyenne Zombie Fest . “Metalheads unite. Arcanium is coming to Cheyenne to tear your flesh off, if the zombies don’t get you first” chuckles J-Sinn, the band’s lead singer. “We are happy to have been asked to play such a large and unique festival such as this”. Arcanium has toured with household names such as Megadeth, Bullet for my Valentine, Machine Head, Suicide Silence and more. They plan to tour vigorously through 2012 and 2013 and have a new release on it’s way entitled “Ontogenesis”.


Arcanium announces tour dates with Otep, Butcher Babies and One Eyed Doll

Denver’s modern metal outfit Arcanium announces tour dates for Otep’s “Destroy to Create” tour featuring, Otep, Butcher Babies, and One Eyed Doll. After finishing the tracking for their sophomore album “Ontogenesis” Arcanium will unleash their massive attack on the U.S. starting in Baltimore, MD on August 21st 2012. Since their last tour with Bullet for my Valentine and previously with Megadeth, Arcanium has made a few changes by adding guitarist Adam Stewart and drummer Charley Huwig giving the band’s music a new and fresh mind crushing sound. “We will be unstoppable” Exclaims J-Sinn, the band’s lead vocalist. “It will be good to get back out on tour and show the world what we have become, and nearly impossible for any true metal head not to dig the new taste of metal we will give them”. Arcanium has been working hard and reports that they will be touring as much as they can through out 2012 and into 2013.

August 21st – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
August 22nd – Springfield, VA – Empire
August 23rd – Worcester, MA – Palladium Upstairs
August 24th – Hartford, CT – Webster Theatre
August 25th – Allentown, PA – Croc Rock
August 26th – New York, NY – Studio @ Webster
August 27th – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar
August 28th – Lexington, KY – Busters
August 29th – Knoxville, TN – Valarium
August 30th – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
August 31st – Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
September 1st – Huntsville, AL – Crossroads
September 2nd – Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall
September 3rd – Tallahassee, FL – Coliseum
September 5th – Charleston, SC – Music Farm
September 6th – Tampa, FL – State Theatre
September 7th – Jacksonville, FL – Brewsters
September 8th – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room


The video is up! Enjoy….

First Single “Blind Sided” from the new album “Ontogenesis” to be Released Tuesday June 12th

This Tuesday 06/12/12 at 11am MST, Arcanium will be releasing the first single (with video) “Blind Sided” from their upcoming sophomore album “Ontogenesis”. The link below will take you there. Also don’t forget to get the new Arcanium app and keep yourself updated on all Arcanium news, shows, releases, photos, and stream music free! \m/

Chicago Bound!

Hey Fans!

We are heading off to Chicago to finish the final tracks for our new record! Guitars, Bass, Keys, and Samples are finished. Time for Charley and J-Sinn to tear it up this week trackin the rest. Watch for video blog updates. If your in Chicago come hit up our facebook!


1. SEAN CAUSEY (you were the first and will receive a bonus prize)

Great job you guys! When the new album drops you four will be the first to receive it in the mail along with a box of Arcanium Merchandise. You will need to send us your mailing addresses to be kept on file at THANKS FOR PLAYING!



A contest to win the first copy of Arcanium’s 2012 full-length record along with a box of merchandise.

Hey Arcanium fans!
We are holding a contest this month with a copy of the new album and a box of brand new merch as a prize. Here is what you need to do.

1. Go to under the fan club page and sign up on our mailing list.
2. Listen to the song Who am I, pay attention to the verses and read the lyrics.
3. Identify the 2 serial killers we are describing in the song.
4. You will receive an email with the email address to send your answers to. Good luck!


Rise from the ashes and equip the mental state
You were the one that confessed to us that you killed 28
The sparks, will fly when you bludgeon her sweetly
The weapon placed so undemanding and neatly
We are your sons, we are your husbands
We’re also born with the malignant emotions

Who am I?
We are the world and the world will bring you to your knees
Who am I?
We are the world and the world will bring you to your knees

Hiding in the open but just far enough for fun
Killing these ten people ’74 to ’91
You wrote, your letters to state your opinion
To establish a label regardless of your condition
At only nine, you watched him die
You want them all to serve you in the afterlife

Who am I?
We are the world and the world will bring you to your knees
Who am I?
We are the world and the world will bring you to your knees

As I walk through this world, see the people die
Your rotting souls drift into exile
The behaviors of the human mind sicken me
You sicken me
Who am I?

Who am I?
We are the world and the world will bring you to your knees
Who am I?
We are the world and the world will bring you to your knees

Arcanium set out to record at Bota Studios

Arcanium set out to record at Bota Studios in Crystal lake, IL in early June this year. The band is going to be releasing two songs for stream only so the fans can hear what has been going on with the new music. Be sure to check back on July 18th for the release of “Bury the Hatchet”. Soon after, Watch for “Who am I” and a chance to win a box of brand new Arcanium merchandise and a copy of the new cd before it hits shelves.