Our drummer CHARLEY HUWIG needs your HELP.

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Our longtime drummer, Charley Huwig, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August of 2014. Arcanium has been on a hiatus in hopes that his battle would be quick in successfully putting the MS into remission. Unfortunately, Charley’s health has quickly deteriorated leaving himself, his wife, and his young son in financial difficulty. His wife is doing the best she can to bear the financial burden of the family home, but the added medical and medication bills are just too much to handle alone. There has been a FundRazr account set up for people who would like to donate to Huwig Family Fund in order to help them financially. If you click on the photo of Charley you will be directed to the FundRazr page where you can make your donation. If you are able to make a donation of any size, it would help out the Huwig family very much. On behalf of Charley, his wife Heather, and their son Leeland, we thank you for your generosity. – Arcanium

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